Thank you for visiting Roseville High School’s website. As principal, I am committed to ensuring all students learn at high levels. We believe that All means just that, ALL!

In order to meet this challenge, we at Roseville High School subscribe to three big ideas:

  1. Learning is the most important focus.
  2. Building a collaborative culture that will facilitate student learning.
  3. Being results oriented will guide our work toward our goal of learning for all.

The work we do every day with our students is shaped by the answers to four questions:

  1. What do we want each student to be able to know and be able to do after completing a particular class?
  2. How will we know that each student has learned those essentials identified by our course level teams?
  3. What are we going to do when students struggle to learn those essentials?
  4. What are we going to do if a student already knows or is able to do those essential learnings identified by the course level teams?

We are proud of the work our teachers and staff do on behalf of student learning. We will continue to strive to make Roseville High School a safe, engaging place for learning so that we ultimately become a destination school for many.

Dr. Patrick R. Adams Jr.