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Since 1924, Roseville Community Schools has been committed to developing lifelong learners prepared to meet the challenges of the future. With highly qualified teachers and dedicated support staff, we are providing comprehensive educational services to over 4400 students from preschool through grade 12. The district focus on improving student achievement, expanding community involvement, and promoting school safety makes Roseville Community Schools a great place to build a career.

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Our Culture

Career Tech We incorporate a robust career and technical education program designed to help students choose classes that are aligned with their future career goals. CTE programs include Auto Tech, Building Trades, Woodworking, Business, Accounting, Finance, Hospitality Management, Machine Trades, Marketing, Web Design, and Welding, and Mechatronics/Robotics.
Cutting-Edge Technology Roseville Community Schools has implemented 1:1 student classroom sets of learning devices throughout our schools and each classroom has been equipped with an 86” Promethean touchscreen display board which allows students to experience interactive lessons. We also take pride in providing a safe and secure environment for every student and staff member, which includes a robust surveillance system, secured entrances, and a visitor background check system.
Diversity Learning and working in an environment that looks like our community is important. Roseville Community Schools serves all levels of students regardless of ability. Our programs from Pre-K through 12th grade are designed to welcome every individual. The student body is reflective of Southeastern Michigan and we have made strides to constantly push our professional staff in that direction.
Support We believe in providing assistance to move forward. Students are encouraged to work hard and to apply themselves surrounded by a network ready to aid in this process. Academic and social emotional growth are viewed as interconnected, both are taught and supported by professional staff.


Professional Compensation

  • Compensation Range BA/1 to MA/11
  • Longevity Bonuses
  • Attendance Bonuses
  • New Teacher Stipend for Supplies
  • Coaching & Extra-Curricular Advising Opportunities


  • Full comprehensive benefit package (medical, dental, vision, life, ltd)
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Plan
  • HSA Contributions
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for Dependent Care
  • Dental, Vision, Life, and Long-Term Disability – No Cost to the Employee

Additional Benefits

  • 403b and 457b investment opportunities
  • Instructional Lead Teacher opportunities ($3,000)
  • Michigan Public School Retirement Service credit (pension)


Alex Golembiewski, Class of 2007 “I’ve never met a group of people who were so dedicated to growing their students, not only scholastically, but also personally. It is a district that I can honestly tell people I was lucky to get my education from.”
Amy Decker, Class of 1994 “Discovering my ‘voice’ and being able to express myself through the RCS music and arts programs enabled me to gain self-confidence, break out of my shell, and ignite my curiosity for the wonders of this world. I know I will not be the last kid at RCS for which this will be true.”
Beth Beighey, Class of 2002 "I’m so proud of the city I grew up in and so very thankful for the education I received.”
Breanne Meyer, Class of 2010 “Roseville Community Schools shaped me into the person I am today and I am proud to have attended. The memories that I have made will stick with me for a lifetime.”
Carly Hedemark, Class of 2012 “RHS gave me a solid foundation for college level writing and reading, and all of my AP/advanced classes helped me develop regular study habits. “It was such a welcoming environment and I feel lucky to have all of the opportunities I was afforded during my time there."
Dennis LaPointe, Class of 2003 "Looking around at those I graduated with, I now see business owners, teachers, health care workers, business professionals as well as friends that now have their own families. The Roseville community developed some great individuals that are now spread across many geographic areas but are still connected by our ‘Panther Pride."
Jennifer Dixon, Class of 2001 “RCS definitely shaped the person I am today and the career path I have taken. I am grateful for the relationships I’ve made and the teachers who inspired me while I was a student there.”
Jeremy Tyrell, Class of 2007 "Mrs. Collias spurred my interest in government and the law. As a lawyer, strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills are all crucial. These are all skills that Roseville Community Schools ensured were covered and reinforced in all subjects.”
Megan Boelstler, Class of 2007 "Thank you to the Roseville Community Schools’ many dedicated teachers, coaches, and staff for going above and beyond to teach and mentor their students.”
Michael Krucker, Class of 2000 “A lot of the success I have experienced in my career can be attributed to three things that were fostered throughout my school years by teachers, coaches and administrators: discipline, creativity and curiosity."
Morgan Barbret, Class of 2016 "Mrs. Jordan always challenged me to think about the world in new ways. She set an example for what it means to be of service to her community and the world."
Richie Grimshaw, Class of 2012 "The principals, teachers, and support staff care so much about their students whether current or former. A huge THANKS to everyone from RCS that has helped me get to the place I am today.”

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