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Roseville High School Graduation Requirements

Students enrolled at RHS have the opportunity to earn 36 credits over four years.

High school graduation requires the successful completion of 32.5 credits, of which 21.5 are required. Transfer students are subject to credit review.

Students must maintain a six-hour schedule during grades 9-12. Exception: Students who are enrolled in a co-op program, dual enrollment, Early College and other such programs may enroll in less than six hours with principal or designee approval.

A student transferring into the Roseville School system during his senior year must have completed at least two full terms before that student is granted a diploma. Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed by the high school principal. Transfer students need to complete a “Credit Adjustment Worksheet.”

2022-2023 Graduation Requirements Information 

2022-2023 Course Catalog

2023-2024 Graduation Requirements Information

2023-2024 Course Catalog


College Bound?  Transcript request are now completed online.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up if you need to create an account.  Click Sign In if you already have an account.
  3. Follow the steps in creating an account by answering the security questions and personal information.
  4. Parchment will send an email to verify your account.  When you verify the link, your registration is Complete.
  5. Click Get Started and fill out the authorization form.
  6. Click Deliver to send a transcript.  Select Destination Type:   Academic Destination – The NCAA – Myself – Other.
  7. Confirm your destination and delivery details.
  8. Print out your Delivery Page.
  9. Click Track to be informed when your transcript is delivered.

Testing Out

The Roseville Board of Education recognizes the need to provide alternative means by which students can complete the graduation requirements prescribed by the state and Roseville Community Schools.

Any high school student who wishes to test out of a Michigan Merit core curriculum course in which he is not currently enrolled/attending may do so by taking the test out exam for the course and receiving a grade of at least C+. The grade on the assessment will not be used to determine a student's GPA. Credit for a course earned by a student through this process may be used to fulfill a course or course sequence requirement, and may be counted toward the required number of credits needed for graduation.

Michigan Department of Education Career & College Ready

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is committed to preparing students not just for the opportunities we know about today, but also for the economic and intellectual challenges of the future.  The Michigan Career & College-Ready Portal is designed to connect educators with the resources and tools that can assist in helping students graduate Career & College-Ready.


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