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Are you having difficulties in Math, English, Science or Social Studies? Tutoring is available every day after school until 4:00 p.m. Follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Have your parent/guardian fill out a permission slip, which is available in any office.
  • Talk to your teacher to schedule a tutoring appointment.
  • Be sure to arrange transportation home on the days you schedule tutoring.


Advanced ELA

What does it mean to be advanced in ELA?

  • Child has scores above the majority of their peers in reading.

What does an advanced class look like in ELA?

  • Pacing is quicker than a typical academic classroom.
  • More opportunities for collaboration as a whole group and small group are offered to build critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Autonomy is given to kids to provide options in their personal learning.

Why take an advanced ELA class?

  • To push your child outside of their comfort zone to prepare for advanced courses in high school.


Gifted & Talented Learning Options

Advanced math classes prepare students for jobs and for college. Students are given more responsibility for their learning while being guided by their teacher. They develop a deeper understanding of mathematical practices and learn how to apply those practices to the real world.

Students in Advanced math classes are expected to complete their homework assignments on time, study for tests and quizzes, and be active participants in class discussions and activities. More rigorous assignments are given.

Parents can assist their children by providing an appropriate place and time to complete homework and study. Utilize the resources at

In addition to advanced advanced coursework in Math and English Language Arts, students also have the ability to earn high school credit in Foreign Language.  Earning this credit in middle school opens doors for a wider variety of career and college-related classes by the time they reach their junior and senior years of high school.  Roseville Middle School also offers gift and talented option during Homeroom for students whose previous academic record and test scores warrant placement.  Those options include advanced writing for 6th grade, forensic science for 7th grade , and for 8th grade an introduction to engineering, and a liberal arts focus on music and art history.



Middle school homerooms are designed to provide an extra dose of academics to your child in areas where grades and test scores have indicated the need for additional support.All students have a 40 minute homeroom to start their day. These homeroom classes are in addition to the required class in that subject matter. Students who are below grade level in reading or math will receive one of those supports in their homeroom, students who are near or at grade level will receive support in the writing process and vocabulary use.  To maximize your child’s chance for success in homeroom, it is important to make sure they are on time for school each day

School Day Intervention Program

What is the School Day Intervention Program?

Students who have been identified for their core content area to receive additional support (Math, English, Science, or Social Studies)

How are students chosen for the School Day Intervention Program?

Students are chosen for the program based on multiple data points. These include:

  • MEAP
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
  • Grades
  • Teacher input from core academic areas (Math, English, Science, Social Studies)

Who runs the School Day Intervention Program?

Intervention Specialists who work closely with the Literacy Coach and classroom teachers to use strategies that best support the students in their core academic areas.