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Principal's Welcome

Dear Eastland Middle School Families,

It is my great pleasure to introduce myself as the principal of Eastland Middle School. To say that I am beaming with joy, gratitude and filled with an incredible sense of honor would be an understatement! I am thrilled to join the school community here at Eastland Middle School and cannot wait to connect and support our students and families.

I cannot imagine a better start to my 25th year in education than serving as the newly appointed principal of Eastland Middle School. My deep roots in education, which began nearby in the South Lake School District, have enabled me to work in a variety of capacities from being a classroom history teacher, an intervention coordinator, an assistant principal, to, my most current role that I have held for the past six years, a high school principal. My passion for education, coupled with the experiences that I have had, are something that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you.

In a few weeks, our halls here will be filled with students, eager to start a new school year. Before this happens, I would like to share my core beliefs of education for your children. First and foremost, I believe that learning will take place when students feel connected and valued. My vow to you is that your child will feel a sense of belonging. More than ever, mental health support is of the utmost importance. I will do my best to promote a sense of trust, safety, belonging and community. Similarly, I believe that schools are a place that not only teach subject matter, but character development as well. My belief is that we must provide the tools for students to say “no” to poor decisions. This goes far beyond just telling our students to make good choices. It involves changing their thought process so that students feel there are better options out there, which will ultimately lead them to their passion and purpose. My promise to you all is that I will support your child wholeheartedly; I will make sure your child feels safe, and I will do what it takes to make your child successful. Is this a one-person job? No—it is absolutely not. I have heard wonderful things about the staff here at Eastland, and I know that they share my vision for your children. Teamwork and a positive school culture will ultimately reap success. I am confident that the entire Eastland staff is committed to this.

On a personal note, I have been married for fifteen years, and, like all of you, I am a parent. My wife and I have a daughter who is about to embark on middle school herself. Also similar to you all, I send my child to school daily with the hope that she is safe, valued, and cared for. I want my child’s school to have an open opportunity for communication and input. Please know that I want the same for your children—that they feel safe, valued and cared for.

I hope you can sense my excitement for this school year! I cannot wait to see the hallways bustling with students, and I cannot wait meet our families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns; I have an open-door policy. Let’s get this year rolling!

See you soon,

Robert Beato

Principal, Eastland Middle School