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6-Cess Program Information for Businesses

Dear Business Leader,

The Roseville Community Schools is introducing a new initiative called 6-cess = less than 6 absences. Research has shown that students missing 10% or more of school experience a significant negative impact on their academics.

Several steps will be occurring over the next year to teach our students the importance of being in school. First, we will create a sense of awareness about absenteeism to our students, staff, parents and community. Secondly, our district will set up a visible campaign in the schools and the community to reinforce the message. Students will see posters, banners and lawn signs throughout the community. Thirdly, the district will develop incentives for students who  have met attendance  expectations.  Students who  have less than six (6) absences this year will receive a certificate, wristband and a bumper sticker. Individual buildings will create trimester goals and recognition for their students, as well.

In order for this initiative to work, we are asking for your support.  We  want our students to see that their attendance in school is important outside the school environment. We want them to understand that attendance is very important  to an employer looking for employees. To help us send this message, we are asking that you post one of our signs in your establishment window. We can also offer you a lawn sign, if you would like. We encourage you to talk with your staff about this initiative and to also ask our students about this, as well as how their attendance is at school, when they come in contact with them. You may even want to challenge your staff to model this behavior for our students. We hope to create loyal and dependable workers for you in the future.

If you are able to help support this campaign financially, it would be greatly appreciated. Just contact my office at 586-445-5508.

Thank you!

Roseville Community Schools would like to thank the following for their support.


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