1. Is there a deadline to choose virtual or face-to-face?  The deadline to opt into the virtual program is Tuesday, August 18.  This will allow Roseville staff to make the necessary plans for instruction.
  2. If students attend face-to-face, will they also do virtual learning during that time?  It is possible that students in the face-to-face learning environment will complete assignments on their i-Pads or laptops, but the instruction will be delivered from the classroom.  Should a situation arise where face-to-face students are quarantined at home, they will be required to work virtually until they are back in school.
  3. Will there be a set schedule for the virtual learning option?  What will a typical day look like for students?  Yes.  Students will be expected to “report for instruction/class” during regular school hours.  The day is scheduled as a full day of school.  Elementary students will have a full day online with their assigned teacher.  Attendance will be taken in the morning and afternoon.  Secondary students will have a full day of school online, “changing classes” at designated times.  Attendance will be taken hourly and participation will be monitored during each class period.  The student is expected to be engaged in the class, instruction, and participation for the full day. 
  4. If we opt for face-to-face and the district switches to 100% virtual due to changes in the state mandate?  Will there be a set schedule for students to attend classes?  Yes.  If classes are face-to-face and must convert to online only, the school day will be very structured and be presented the same way our virtual learning option is presented.
  5. How do you sign up for online classes?  Parents may opt their child(ren) into the virtual learning program by going to our web page www.rosevillepride.org and accessing the “Online/Face-to-Face Selection Form for Current RCS Students.”  Once the complete form is submitted, the student is enrolled in online learning.
  6. How many students are going to be in a classroom for face-to-face?  The number of students per classroom will depend on the number participating in face-to-face instruction.  Whenever possible, we will prepare classrooms for social distancing. 
  7. Will elementary students have art, music, P.E., etc.?  Students attending face-to-face instruction will have all classes that have been previously offered.  Those students electing to participate in virtual instruction will be provided with as many special classes as possible.  In addition, fifth (5th) grade students, including those opting for virtual learning, will be able have introductory band.
  8. Will students go out of the classroom for special classes?  Elementary students will have the “specials” presented in their classroom to minimize movement, except for band and gym class.  Both of those classes will be held outdoors, weather permitting, or in an area where social distancing is possible.  Secondary students will travel to their scheduled classes.
  9. Will elementary students have recess?  Yes.  Recess is more important now than ever.  However, students will be required to social distance and wear a mask when near students from other classes.  Every effort will be made to keep classes separated on the playground.
  10. Will my child be provided a computer if I choose the virtual option?   Yes.  All Roseville Community Schools students will be provided a device for online learning whether they choose face-to-face or virtual schooling.  Contact our technology department for more information, or to schedule a time to pick up a device, at 586-445-5518.
  11. Will my child be provided the necessary school supplies to complete assignments if we opt for virtual schooling?  The district is working on grade-level supply bags for elementary students.  The bags may contain items like numbers, letters, or items that can be used for lessons designated by the teachers.  Basic school supplies normally supplied by the family will continue to be supplied by the family. 
  12. Will my student be taught by a Roseville teacher if we choose virtual schooling?  Roseville teachers will be teaching the virtual classes for elementary and secondary students.  There is a chance that a class will utilize a teacher from an online platform/provider if a Roseville teacher is not available.  In that instance, a Roseville instructional staff member will be a mentor and have regular contact with those students.
  13. What online platform will be used?  Schoology will be used as the learning management system, with Roseville providing instruction.  Multiple apps and online programs may be used within Schoology to encourage a high level of engagement and interest for all students.  Depending on the number of students in designated classes, an Edgenuity platform and teacher may be assigned.  If an Edgenuity teacher is assigned, a Roseville staff member/mentor will be assigned to each student.  The Roseville mentor will be in daily contact with the student to ensure best possible experience for the student.
  14. How will virtual schooling work for Pre-K? We understand the best experience for PreK students is face-to-face teaching.  However, students attending the virtual option for PreK will attend class virtually the same as other students.  The students will be expected to be online with their teachers throughout the day, with scheduled breaks and work time.  Attendance will be taken in the morning and afternoon, and participation will be monitored.  Students are expected to be in attendance for the full day.
  15. For those choosing virtual schooling, will a letter or email be sent out that states what kind of school supplies are needed for each student or will that be provided in the syllabus?  The most updated information will be posted to the Roseville Community Schools webpage.  We will not be mailing letters home.  We will be updating the FAQ page daily on our website with the most current information available.  www.rosevillepride.org   Once teachers are assigned their classes, they will be contacting parents to inform them of the school supplies needed for that class. 
  16. If we choose to do virtual learning, what will middle school and high school students’ electives look like?  Many secondary electives will be available to students in a virtual setting.  For instance, students who have selected the virtual option can still be in band.  The layout of band class will be different, but students will still participate in a virtual live stream, or pre-recorded band class on their personal instrument.  Printable/PDF music will be available online and will be rehearsed during a designated time.  We are currently working to develop virtual options for other electives, as well as career and technical education classes.
  17. How will the district identify gaps in learning due to lost instructional time?  Screening assessments for all students, formative assessments, and teacher observation will identify gaps in both the face-to-face and virtual formats.  
  18. Will there be intervention program available for those students needing additional help?  The school district will provide multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)  for both face-to-face and online students. Academic as well as social-emotional support will be available for all students.
  19. How will middle school and high school students get their schedules?Roseville Middle School: As of Thursday, August 20th, schedules will be mailed home.  Eastland Middle School: As of Thursday, August 20th, schedules will be mailed home.  Roseville High School: As of Thursday, August 20th, students attending face-to-face will receive their schedules on the first day of school; 9th grade students who attend orientation will receive their schedules that day. Virtual students will receive their schedules either electronically, or by mail.

  20. Has the district discussed a partially face-to-face/virtual program?  The district is not entertaining a flex schedule in which a student will be scheduled part-time face-to-face and part-time virtual. 

  21. Can the online program be more flexible or is it in real time?  Teachers for the virtual/online program will work during the normal school day hours. Students will be expected to attend and participate during school hours. However, there will be some flexibility in the timing of when they do homework, the watching of recorded material, and break times for relief from screen time during the day.

  22. My child was just recently enrolled for GSRP for this year. Do I need to choose face to face option if that’s what I want? Yes, please access the enrollment choice form on the district webpage www.rosevillepride.org

  23. If my child does virtual classes to start, will they have the option to change to face-to-face as the school year progress, assuming it is safe to do so?  Yes. There will be a grace period at the start of the trimester that will end Friday, September 11 to determine if the learning environment is compatible with the student and family needs. A family may move only once during this window. Following the grace period, the district is asking parents to commit to learning options by trimester. The first trimester ends Friday, December 4, at which time students may select another learning option.

  24. What are the school times/hours for the online/virtual option daily, due to parents still having to work?

    Students will need to be online working during school hours as this will be when the teachers are available. There will be some synchronous opportunities that teachers may be live, and questions may be asked or participation in group work with others may be available. There will need to be evidence of two

  25. When do students start school?  The first day of school is Tuesday, September 8, 2020 for both face-to-face and virtual learning.


  1. Do all students have to wear a mask?  All students will be required to wear a mask while riding the bus and walking in the hallways at school.  Students will not be required to wear a mask while at lunch. In addition, elementary students will not be required to wear a mask when they are in class with their classmates, however they will be social distancing as much as possible.  Secondary students will be required to wear masks throughout the day due to switching classes throughout the day.
  2. If a student gets sick in school, will siblings in that school or other buildings be sent home as well?  Not necessarily.  It will depend on the illness.  If there are symptoms of COVID-19, it is possible, due to the exposure.   Please reference the Macomb County Health Department suggestionsTeacher Process  Student Process
  3. Will students be social distancing in school?  Yes, students will be required to practice social distancing whenever possible.  Elementary students will remain with their class and take lunch in the cafeteria where students will sit 10 to a table with a 6-foot distance between tables from other classes.  Secondary students will be changing classes and will be expected to social distance responsibly.
  4. Will clear face masks be available for elementary students and teachers?  We are ordering clear masks for some lower elementary programs as well as our DHH classes.  Clear masks will be made available to those programs as soon as possible.
  5. If a child goes to school with a runny nose or cough, will they be sent home?  All children that exhibit any COVID-like symptoms will be sent home.  
  6. Will there be a limit to the number of students in each class, and what will that limit be?   The number of students in a class may be similar to normal class sizes in past years.  The number of students in the building itself will be reduced based on parents choosing the virtual option.
  7. Can an elementary child wear their mask all day if their parent wants them to?  Yes.  If a parent elects to have their child wear a mask for the full day, they may do so.
  8. Will all students attending latchkey be required to wear masks while in latchkey?  Yes.  Students participating in the latchkey program will be required to wear a mask.
  9. Will temperatures be taken before students enter the bus/school?Temperatures will not be taken as the student enter the school bus.  Temperatures will be taken in the elementary classrooms as the students enter their class.  Secondary students will have their temperature taken in first hour.
  10. Middle school and high school hallways are normally crowded.  Will there be staggered dismissal times to cut down on traffic?  Not at this time.  We are anticipating that the greatest difference in numbers will be in common areas, such as hallways and lunchrooms.  These reductions in numbers will make social distancing more reliable.
  11. Will face shields be permitted?  Yes, face shields are permitted, but not in place of a face mask. They may be worn in addition to a face mask.

  12. If a child in a class tests positive for COVID-19 and the other students must quarantine, will the students have immediate access to virtual learning? Yes, the students will have access to virtual learning immediately.

  13. If someone in my secondary child's school test positive to COVID-19 and the students in class must quarantine, will my child in elementary have to quarantine as well?  According to health department guidelines, the student in the class where someone tested positive must quarantine. A "contact" or sibling/parent, etc. of the student who was exposed does not have to quarantine. However, if the student in your household tests positive for COVID-19, your household will need to quarantine.





1. How can families obtain technical support?  Contact our technology department by calling 586-445-5518, or emailing 1to1@roseville.k12.mi.us

2. Will all students have one-to-one devices?  All currently registered Roseville Community Schools’ students will be issued a device.  PreK-2nd grades will be issued an i-Pad; grades 3-12 will be issued a laptop.  Please access the following link for information about obtaining a device for your child.

3. What can I do if I do not have internet service at home?  Please use one of the following resources to inform of your need.Technology phone:  586.445.5518 or email 1to1@roseville.k12.mi.us us

More information on low-cost internet service is available at:  https://rosevillepride.org/parents/technology/



  1. For DK or special education kindergarten, will there be therapy sessions if the student is online?  Yes.  Therapy sessions will be available. 
  2. What about the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) students who cannot control bowels and need their diapers changed? Yes, our ECSE students will be provided the same level of instruction and care they received before the pandemic.   
  3. How will children with IEPs or requiring additional Special Education be provided services on the virtual schooling platform?  The Special Education staff will work with the family to create a Contingency Learning Plan (CLP) that will outline the services in a virtual platform.  Services in the CLP may not be an exact duplication of the programs and services in students’ IEPs.


  1. Will there be latchkey?  Before and after school Latchkey will be available for students attending face-to-face instruction.
  2. Will latchkey students be crossing buildings?  As of right now, we have latchkey available in five (5) of our seven (7) elementary buildings.  The district is working on securing licenses for the two buildings that do not currently have a latchkey program.  Until the licenses can be granted, we will offer latchkey as we have in the past, while having the students wear a mask and social distance as much as possible.
  3. Will you offer childcare for students in the virtual schooling platform  No.  The district will not be offering a childcare program for students attending school online. 
  4. Will breakfast be provided?  How will that work?  Breakfast will be provided to all students requesting a breakfast.  See the question below regarding students eating in the cafeteria.
  5. Where will students eat lunch?  Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria.  Elementary students will be seated with their classmates, 10 students to a table, tables spaced 6 feet apart.  Secondary students will be seated at tables spaced per social distancing guidelines.
  6. Where will students store coats if lockers are not being used at the secondary level?  Students will need to carry their belongings with them throughout the day.
  7. Will there be some type of meeting or ZOOM town hall meeting where all of the details will be explained, and parents and/or teachers can ask questions?  Currently, the webpage is the quickest way to get the information out to the community. A provision will be added to allow questions to be posted and answered daily.  The decision to hold a townhall style meeting is currently under discussion.
  8. Are we going to get information on classes, etc. in the mail?  No. The district is not planning a mailing at this time.  The most current information available will be posted to the district webpage.
  9. How do I ask a question that is not answered on the FAQ sheet?Currently we are working on an online form for parents and community members to submit questions that have not been answered yet.  As soon as that form is available, is will be posted to the web page.  Until that time, please call 586-445-5500 and you will be directed to the department that can best help you.
  10. How will the district regularly communicate with families regarding student progress toward essential targets?  The school district will communicate with families on multiple levels.  Students will receive most of their information through Schoology.  Parents may receive information through School Messenger, the Remind App, Parent Portal, and via the phone.
  11. Will the buses be running?  Yes, buses will be running. All students will be required to wear a mask while riding the bu